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Himbos, according to the NY Magazine:
A new, terrifically annoying term for men-- “himbo”, which is a male bimbo. I don’t know why they are calling the trend of having male models appear in ads for women’s clothing that, though. Does that mean that models are bimbos? Or that they couldn’t fit “him” or “he” in front of a more accurate term? Either way, the whole thing is a so-called new idea to remind women that dressing for men is just as important as dressing for women. I quote the article with, “The message: ‘Buy our stuff and gorgeous scantily clad men will frolic around you and rub up on you.’ We're sold.” Home run, Karl, ya skinny bastard.

"Real Bellies" ala Glamour Mag:
I can understand why people are finding this photo of a "normal" naked woman inspiring. If you do, cool, more power to you. But even as someone who is very uncomfortable with her stomach, I can't find the meaning in it. The use of "normal" and "real" throws me off. Are women that are larger or smaller or uglier or whatever NOT normal or real? It reminds me of that stupid "real women have curves" thing. I'm fairly certain the only requirement for being a real female is a vagina. And my second problem here is that it's a bit sad to see that this picture is such a departure from the regular Glamour fare that its actually becoming a mini-phenomenon. What about equal and regular representations of all ranges of female bodies? And not just the odd article about loving your damn curves in between trash about how to eat less and hide "problem" areas.

Ending On a Sad Note Via The Seattle Times:
  • Facts: Women make up 10% of veterans in the US military.
  • On fifth of female veterans report sexual assaults.
  • That's compared to 1/70 male veterans.
  • I would really like to interview Avila Smith.

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