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Amy Sedaris

"At an Obie awards reception, when Ethan Hawke told Amy that she had the prettiest dress at the party, she told him, "It looks better on the floor. You could talk me out of it." He was apparently taken quite by surprise."

This is from Amy Sedaris's website, where such tales of hilarious oddity abound. Sister of writer David Sedaris, actress, author, and comedienne, Amy Sedaris is hard to peg down-- and she likes it that way. Born in 1961, she first entered the entertainment business through the Second City comedy troupe (scores of SNL alum hail from Second City as well). She then starred in a sketch comedy show on Comedy Central called Exit 57. The show has since been canceled, but she went on to work on tv shows like Sesame Street, The Closer, and her own show with Stephen Colbert
called Strangers With Candy (it went on to become a feature length film). She has also played smaller roles in movies like Elf and School of Rock. In her writing life, she has co-authored a novel with Stephen Colbert and Paul Dinello, and writes a monthly advice column for The Believer She has also authored a book called I Like You: Hospitality Under The Influence.

Amy is a whirlwind of wit and originality. She dislikes traditional beauty, once showing up to a photoshoot and asking the make-up artist to make her look "bruised and battered". She collects fatsuits and operates a cupcake business out of her own kitchen. She has an imaginary boyfriend named Ricky who was tragically murdered in 2006.

David Letterman once introduced her saying, "But, you know. She's not hooked up right -- in a delightful, positive, exciting way. But you have to understand that." Amy is sometimes off-putting to people, most notably her own father, who she once scared the bejeezus out of in her fat suit. He was very conscious of his daughters' weight, and awkwardly tried to invite her to go running with him. In that way, Amy is a vital personality to have in our dullness-drenched world of celebrity culture. After all, who wants to read about a woman who doesn't collect fake food and wear wigs to the grocery store?

I also want to include this quotation from Amy: "I love observing people. I love just being able to observe. And I'm pretty good about it, too. Like, I'm a good observer and I love just being able to do that and take it in, and be able to observe and watch people. I like doing that. That, and just being by myself. I like being by myself. Love it."


I Like You by Amy Sedaris


  1. I loved Strangers with Candy! I love females who aren't afraid to be funny or show their wit instead of play the sex appeal game 24/7. She was on the cover of Bust last year and her interview was superb. Great highlight : )

  2. love the blog :)
    inspires me to keep kicking society's standards in the arse, just like all women ought to!

  3. I read your blog ever day, really.


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