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This is an excerpt from Maria Raha's excellent new book, "Hellions: Pop Culture's Rebel Women":

“A rebel girl today is someone who can remain down to earth in the midst of a culture that is injected with monumental doses of narcissism. Maybe, by eschewing beauty standards and designer fashion, she opts out of the stereotype of the greedy, vain, diamond-encrusted, starving woman. This rebel girl goes against the grain and she knows why-- she can articulate it in her own voice, tossing aside the tired clichés of sexual exhibitionism, addiction, and insanity as tactics for making herself known. The rebel girl defines “sexy” for herself. She does not carry $500 handbags. She will never invest her hard-earned money in stomach stapling or Botox.

"She eats carbs, throws away her scale, and honors women in other ways than those promoted by the rabid paparazzi. She doesn’t hesitate to travel alone, keenly understands that having children isn’t the only way to have a fulfilling experience as a woman, and will thoroughly assess marriage before entering into it. The rebel girl supports like-minded women and creates space for difference, rather than perpetuating the competitive female self-loathing brought only an endless parade of advertising. She recognizes that feminisms’ causes and concerns are hardly passé. She knows that there are rebels out there who are infinitely more interesting that Jack Kerouac, James Dean, or Neal Cassady.

"She understands that sometimes the rebel girl has not been born a girl or should have been a boy, and will protect others’ right to be their outcast selves without having to endure discrimination. Beyond the haze of her computer screen, she is her uncontrived, possibly contentious, honest and shameless self in reality. Her language may be sarcastic and biting, and is always open and delivered with a dash of joy. As is true of so many rebel girls, before her, her value will be acknowledged only when time has caught up with, or even surpassed her, but the real rebel girl does it anyway, out of love for living out loud.

" …The next rebel is you.”

I need you to be stronger. I need you to toss out your Seventeen. I need you to forget about beauty tips. I need you to stop dieting, stop judging, stop buying what the media is selling. Too many girls think that thin and pretty is the only way to be loved and it's not true. Too many girls are quieting their inner rebel, and conforming to what is expected of them. Fuck that. Be rebellious. Be loud, be honest, be alive.

I hope this blog inspires you to
unleash your inner rebel.

Love, Lee

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