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This week’s featured rebel is Amanda Palmer, the 33 year old pianist and vocalist for both The Dresden Dolls and a self-titled solo project. From lyrics to stage antics, Palmer is a true rebel. She challenges traditional female roles in songs like “The Perfect Fit”, tackles abortion with “Mandy Goes To Med School” and “Oasis”, and addresses relationship stereotypes in “Shores of California”. Her own sexual identity is often in question (she has identified as bisexual).

Palmer’s appearance is unconventional-- she draws her eyebrows on in an intricate pattern, often does her make-up like a porcelain doll, and wears clothes you won’t likely see featured in People’s StyleWatch. Beyond that, she has appeared in numerous music videos in lingerie, baring a body that is “imperfect” by society’s standards. After shooting a video for the song “Leeds United”, Palmer claimed on her blog that Roadrunner Records had wanted to pull certain shots from the video that exposed her stomach, because "they thought I looked fat." After fans read about this, they posted pictures of their stomachs online with messages to Roadrunner, lyrics, and defensive words about Palmer‘s physique. They then sent in their pictures to the record label, and started their own website. The movement is called the “ReBellyon”.

Amanda Plamer is a woman to look up to. She has forged her way into the difficult music industry (which is even more hard to break as a woman), and has again and again defended her lyrics, never shied away from speaking her mind, and never apologized. She is the anti-thesis of the dull, empty-headed pop singer. Those women encourage and follow society norms. Palmer tramples all over them.

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