5 Ways To Become a Rebel Girl

What is a Rebel Girl? How can you become one? Read:

1. Support a Cause:
Rebel Girls are aware of what is going on in the world. They help whenever they can, however they can. Rebel Girls are active at all times, whether it be something as little as picking up litter when walking to the bus, or as hardcore as holding fundraiser to raise money for Darfur. These girls demand to be heard, because they know their voices matter regardless of gender, race, or age. They know that change can be made through them-- that by taking action, they are simultaneously helping their cause and
inspiring others.

2. Know Your Shit
Read, research, keep your eyes open. Read Laura Kipnis, read Maria Raha, read Ms. Magazine, read Bitch. Know what is going on right now regarding feminism. If you're just realizing your own potential for rebellion, this is the best place to start. You can't fight for a cause if you don't know how to back yourself up.

3. Dare To Be Different

"Rebel" comes with a slew of connotations, be they good, bad, or James Dean. But I use it in this blog to describe what I see when I look at Amanda Palmer, MIA, Katharine Hepburn, etc. I see women who are unique and unafraid. I see women who take all that is different about themselves, and exploit the hell out of it. These people are not wallflowers. These girls won't lose their V card because their best friends have all done it. These chicks are willing to shop alone, to cut their hair short, to wear something controversial even if everyone might not like it. Accept your quirks. Accept that some people won't "get" you. Because it's so so so much better to be acting the way you want to than to be watering yourself down in fear of being teased.

4. Know Your History
Get familiar with women's history. Just like Knowing Your Shit, but this one is harder. I suggest hitting the library, or a used book store, or buying this secondhand.  Women have had to fight to be heard in the history books. By researching their plight, you are doing them an honor. It's also good to have so that you can put current issues into perspective. Living in developed nations where required reading pretty much boils down to Of Mice and Men and People, it's easy to forget how much women have endured throughout history, and how much they have overcome.

5. Write About It, Sing About It, Illustrate It
No, we're not all artistically gifted, but we are all good at something. Take Kate Bingaman-Burt who started her website Obsessive Consumption as a daily blog of drawings. She draws nearly everything she buys, as a statement and examination of consumerism. This is what I want. I want every girl out there to blog about something, to write her own songs, to write a book, to make a movie, to do something that she can give to the world. Why are you here? Make yourself matter. Rebel Girls write for magazines, they use their natural charm to give speeches on something they believe in, they teach children, they design reusable coffee sleeves... you get my point. Engage yourself in the world. Since the beginning of the time, women have been thought of as "barren minds and fruitful wombs". Prove those motherfuckers wrong.

Photos: personal, Bust, personal, Siouxsie Sioux, and Obsessive Consumption.


  1. I do need to become more aware of what I can do, and read more. I very much enjoyed reading this post, it made me proud to be a woman! I will say I really loved every paragraph and your voice in this post!
    I really like your style of writing!

    ps: babe I miss you on the boards! like for realzz.


  2. I'm glad I am doing a small part of each of these steps : ) Knowing your shit is the hardest part since women's rights are always brushed over in general history studies. I want to take a women's studies class so badly even though it doesn't incorporate into my major at all.

  3. very nice and different blog:) and also; shitnice header.


  4. This is inspiring stuff - it's just the kick in the pants I've needed to get off my bum and start my own zine!

  5. yoz. i've been reading your blog for a while after being directed here by the glorious mary, and i just wanted to tell you that this is some clever stuff. true stuff. good stuff. i like you. you're right and you're cool and i think i'm going to go fetch my little sister and my little cousins and the girls i babysit and maybe that boy sitting next to me in the computer lab and make them all read this.

  6. Bloody hell true. I'm gonna do something epic now. I've made my mind.


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